Announcing our new partner: Oracle



The opportunity to work alongside Oracle […] will help accelerate the adoption of blockchain solutions

At 23 Consulting, we are proud to announce that we are entering Oracle’s We Love Startups program to bring blockchain solutions to the healthcare industry.

We truly believe that this disruptive technology can change the status quo in healthcare and create a more patient-centric environment. For over a year, we have been working hard to educate the healthcare community and support Blockchain initiatives. Today, we are joining forces with Oracle to take things a step further. From education to implementation, from hype to concrete solutions. It is time to move from theory to practice and make a change.


« This announcement comes at an exciting time for 23 Consulting as blockchain projects are gaining strong momentum in the healthcare sector. We are excited to be part of the decentralised revolution along with inspiring members of the medical and pharmaceutical communities. The opportunity to work alongside Oracle, a renown leader in tech, will help accelerate the adoption of blockchain solutions and contribute to the digital transformation of healthcare. »

says Nassim Chellal, CEO of 23 Consulting.


Exciting times ahead!